Brass, copper, iron, fire-gilded, as well as blued, Michel Mann, Nuremberg around 1600

Signed on the movable bar covering the lock: MICHEL MANN

This fully signed, particularly beautiful box, an example of the great specialty of the Nuremberg gunsmith and art locksmith Michel Mann, is engraved on all sides. On the lid, a cavalier greets a lady; perhaps the box was made as a wedding gift. Dancing and music-making figures decorate the sides, a leaping deer is depicted on the bottom as a reference to hunting.

Inside the lid, an elaborate lock with quadruple tumblers is arranged, characteristic of Mann's production. This miniature version of a treasure chest was possibly intended for the storage of jewels or precious stones and is designed as a refined art object, suitable to be taken in hand and admired in all its peculiarities.

Height: 4.6 cm, width: 7.3 cm



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