Rare goblet with lid, ball socket, and etched decoration for the Nuremberg council of physicians




Christian Eduard Franke Antiquitäten GmbH


Nuremberg, end of the 17th century

Master’s brand of Johann Philipp Höfler (1685-1722), with hallmark of Nuremberg and assay line.

Silver cast, driven and etched, fully gilt on the inside and partly gilt on the outside.

With three emblematic pictures of Mercury, Earth, Sun, Moon, and Jupiter as well as their associated slogans “DABIS IMPROBE POENAS”, “LUNA ACCEPTA REFERET”, and “IUPITER HAEC FOVET” on the conical walls.

Below the rim with the inscription COLEGII MEDICI NORIBERGENSIS MEMORIA.”

The convex lid with pomegranate knob and finely etched fruit garlands.

Height 16 cm, weight about 240 g.

Nuremberg goldsmith art 1541-1868. Vol. 1. “Meister – Werke – Marken”, Nuremberg 2007, No. 366.


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