The Bamberg Art and Antique Dealers

The unique and world-renowned antique quarter below the Bamberg Cathedral.

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Why is there such an enviable variety of art and antique shops in Bamberg?

Fortunately Bamberg was largely spared during the Second World War and still had a ready supply of art and antiques – this coincided with an ever growing demand for much sought after antiques, especially among the art-loving Americans stationed in Bamberg. Senger Bamberg Kunsthandel recalls that antique clocks were extremely popular in the 1950's. From these small beginnings grew what is today a major centre for antiques in a city dedicated to the arts and culture. Dealers and collectors of antiques alike feel right at home in the baroque city of Bamberg!

A veritable treasure trove

The short distances between shops and the meandering cobbled streets 

invite you to stroll from one treasure trove to the next. 

And there is so much to discover everywhere. –

A living museum for the curious collector to behold.

Acting in Concert

An important reason why Bamberg became a hub for top quality antiques

is the reputation, integrity, knowledge and expertise

of the dealers working together

to ensure the collector can buy or sell with the utmost confidence.

We are acting in concert and make every effort to fulfil your wishes.

The dealers recommend each other,

so that every customer may find what he is looking for on site.

Once Bamberg - always Bamberg!

The Bamberg Art and Antiques Fair

Enjoy ancillary events organized during the fair: exclusive tours of the Bamberg Cathedral, concerts at the magnificent Weissenstein Palace in Pommersfelden, and fascinating lectures by our art dealers.


About the fair 

„The quality of antiques arises from the hands of the artists who created them and from the imparting of the spirit of the time in which they were created.“
— Fiona Freifrau Loeffelholz von Colberg

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