The Bamberg Art and Antiques Fair

Every year in summer there is the Bamberg Art and Antiques Fair, which this year take place for the 27th time.

From the 22nd of July to the 22nd of August 2021 we cordially invite you to visit the art trade.

Opening hours of the shops during the art and antiques fair:
Mon to Fri 10:00-18:00, Sat 10:00-16:00, Sun/holiday 13:00-17:00

We have been thinking for a long time about whether it is sensible and appropriate to hold the Bamberg Art and Antiques Fair this year, but perhaps it would be a good signal if, in this difficult year, positive news could be announced for once rather than having to cancel another event.

Of course, this year's Bamberg Art and Antiques Fair will be different: we will forego our popular opening event and limit ourselves to individual invitations to the Antiques Quarter. In the personal atmosphere of the galleries, in the historic baroque centre, our art and antiques dealers will offer art of lasting value. All showrooms are located in listed buildings, so it is no problem at all to keep the necessary distance. We invite you to be individually inspired by the broad spectrum of national art and international handicrafts from 7 centuries.

Registration and Information

For all events of the supporting programme we ask for your registration


Phone: +49 (0) 175 246 88 06

Contact: Fiona Freifrau Löffelholz von Colberg

Impressions of the last years