Berlin, Joachim II Hübener, around 1750

Silver; partielly gilded. Conical cup with flared lip rim on indented foot.

The wall with flat chased Ieaf scallops and latticework between 18 Brandenburg and Polish coins, mainly of the 16th century.

Marks: BZ Berlin c. 1737 - 57, MZ Joachim Hübener II (1737 — 80), tremolo engraving.

The production of such coin cups was always particularly precious because solid silver coins were worked into the wall and thus became part of the decoration of the cup.

Another coin cup by the master has survived in a private collection in Berlin.

Lit. Cf. Scheffler Berlin, no. 5, tig. 10.

Height 10.5 cm,

weight 159 g.



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