pair of silver menagen for vinegar and oil as well as for tea and sugar - Gdansk/ Augsburg, c. 1760/70 - Johann Gottfried Schlaubitz (master 1733) and Johann Jakob Adam (master 1748)




Christian Eduard Franke-Landwers Christoph Freiherr von Seckendorff


Gdansk/ Augsburg, c. 1760/70

Johann Gottfried Schlaubitz (master 1733) and Johann Jakob Adam (master 1748). These two silver menages are extremely precious and skilfully worked in typical rococo forms. The double set consists of a total of six parts: a holder with two silver containers for tea and sugar and a frame for silver-mounted glass bottles for oil and vinegar. The holders and the silver cans were made by the Gdansk goldsmith Johann Gottfried Schlaubitz, while the Augsburg silversmith Johann Jacob Adam mounted the glass bottles. The parts are hallmarked with the respective master stamp and the city inspection.

These refined silver menages were part of an extremely luxurious table decoration with valuable porcelains and other precious silver objects such as chandeliers or centrepieces, and at the same time fulfilled all functional requirements.

In 1965, the tea and sugar set was exhibited at the Munich Stadtmuseum on the occasion of the centenary of the Munich Altertumsverein, where it was exhibited together with other art treasures from private collections in southern Germany.

Height 25 cm, width 25 cm, depth 10 cm.

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