Four garden sculptures - Franconia, around 1770/80 - Circumference of Johann Peter Wagner (Obertheres 1730-1809 Würzburg)




Christian Eduard Franke-Landwers Christoph Freiherr von Seckendorff


Franconia, around 1770/80

Circumference of Johann Peter Wagner (Obertheres

1730-1809 Würzburg), sandstone.

pairwise facing each other, on natural pedestals

sitting child figures with around the

hip-laid cloths, in their hands a

Flower wreath or bouquet and grapes

and holding a garland of fruit.

Johann Peter Wagner is regarded as one of the most important

Sculptor of the Rococo in Mainfranken and

created numerous works, especially for ecclesiastical and religious

Client. After his years of wandering.

he returned to Franconia and first worked as a

as journeyman of the court sculptor Johann Wolfgang

from the Auwera, after whose death took over

Wagner was the workshop manager. Not until 1771

Wagner was officially recognized by the prince-bishop

Adam Friedrich von Seinsheim becomes court sculptor

even though he already held the position of

for 28 years. His in succession to

Ferdinand Tietz created putti and children's figures

on the balustrade of the terrace of the

of the prince-bishop's palace in Veitshöchheim

are among the most important depictions of children

of the German sculpture, they unite

the playful movements of the Rokoko skillfully

with the quieter, idealized features of classicism.

Height approx. 105 cm.

Thieme/Becker, General encyclopedia of the visual arts

Artist, vol. 35, p. 48-51.



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